Earth Hour at Binna Burra

Featured Earth Hour at Binna Burra

Click below to read more about Earth Hour! 

Earth Hour at Binna Burra Lodge! 

We will be joining in the #EarthHour movement at 1:00pm! 

What is Earth Hour you ask?! ... 

Every year hundreds of millions of people around the world in more than 7,000 cities in over 180 countries take part in this amazing global conservation movement. People do a wide range of things around the hour to show they care about our planet’s future. Millions choose to mark Earth Hour by going ‘lights out’ for 60 minutes – a symbolic show of solidarity.

This year, we’re inviting all Australians to #Connect2Earth, so that we can all work towards better understanding and appreciating the values of biodiversity and the current critical condition of our home and our planet. Being aware means that we can all take actions to protect our biodiversity and nature, it means we can live more sustainably, and expect the same of businesses and governments.

Will you join the movement? Let us know if you’ll be switching off for Earth Hour on Saturday, 30 March 2019, and help make a difference against climate change.


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