Tech-Free Challenge

Can you escape technology?

In today’s tech-obsessed world, all generations are finding it more and more difficult to switch off, in every sense.

At Binna Burra, our ethos is to get away from it all, to leave the ‘real’ world behind, and to get back to nature.

Binna Burra Lodge is uniquely traditional, in that the rooms at the Mountain Lodge do not have televisions, clocks, radios…simply the sound of birdsong and that wonderful fresh air.

However much we promote the health benefits of nature tourism, there are still many people who believe that they cannot be without their mobile device.

So here’s where we step in, and challenge our guests to a DIGITAL DETOX.

We want you to ‘switch-off’ during your stay, reduce the subliminal stress, reconnect with friends, family and nature, and take advantage of our new Smart Phone Minding Service.

On check-in, our friendly Reception team will safe-guard your mobile phone for the duration of your stay. If you meet the challenge head-on and go cold-turkey without texting, calling, tweeting or Facebooking, you will be rewarded with your tech-free certificate!

Can you escape technology and take the smart phone challenge?

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